Funeral Home Financing Testimonials

Funeral Home Financing Testimonials

Funeral Home Acquisition

My wife and I had been in search of a funeral home to purchase for several years. Even though I have been in the profession for over 20 years, I felt very vulnerable and ill-prepared when mulling over another funeral home’s financial statements to try and determine if the potential opportunity was worth pursuing or not. This whole process can be intimidating without the right guidance.

When searching for help in our quest for a business to purchase, I soon realized that there were very few individuals who were adequately qualified to protect our interests. I had spoken with several accountants over the years for help and guidance. Even though these individuals knew numbers, the funeral profession is more than just the numbers.

We eventually decided that we couldn’t proceed with evaluating a funeral home to purchase without dedicated, qualified and professional guidance. I did an Internet search and soon discovered Business Services & Funding. From the first telephone conversation with Matt Manske, owner and operator of BSF, I felt confident that we had come across a company that could help us in our evaluation process. My wife and I had decided that we were not going to make a move without consulting BSF first. BSF made it very clear that there was more to purchasing a funeral home than just “closing the deal.” They also let me know that they were not interested in helping me take advantage of an unsuspecting, possibly vulnerable owner. However, they were going to make sure that I did not over pay for a business. Everyone involved, the sellers, the purchasers and the lending institutions all had to be content with the outcome or more harm than good would result from any transaction.
When my wife and I recently decided to approach Dave and Ann Williams, owner-operators of Williams Funeral Chapels in both Warrensburg and Holden, Missouri, I immediately contacted BSF to start the process. BSF was with us every step of the way. BSF always informed me of the next step in the process and what to anticipate. Even though the attorneys, accountants and lending institutions that were involved in this endeavor performed their duties very well for the most part, it was BSF who kept everything moving in a timely fashion. For example, if one attorney was waiting for something from the other attorney, or the lending institution, whether it was a document or a change on a form, it was BSF who kept calling both parties to keep everything moving along. There were even times when the sellers contacted BSF directly with questions as to what to expect and what they should do next. It shortly became very apparent to Mr. and Mrs. Williams that BSF was there for all of us, not just myself, the potential buyer.
On August 17th, our long time goal was finally realized. My wife and I became owners of Williams Funeral Chapel, Inc. We personally feel that because of the ease at which BSF guided both parties through this whole ordeal, it has allowed us to have a friendly, trusting relationship with the Williams’ rather than just a seller / buyer relationship, which is sometimes suspicious and tolerant at best. This warm relationship with Dave and Ann is the best asset we could ever have as we begin to serve their “families.” BSF reminded me so much of a dedicated funeral director, one who doesn’t question his or her calling. BSF wasn’t just there to do the job and collect a check. They made us all feel that this business transaction was the only thing in the world of importance to them, when we knew they had other clients. Also, BSF was available 24/7 and continues to call us regularly to follow up and see how everything is going.


Control the Timing

BSF guided me through the purchase of my first funeral home. The experience and knowledge that Matt provided was of great value to me. I appreciated the continual updating both by phone and e-mail. The personal touch of dealing with one individual was priceless. If BSF did not have the answer it was sought out until resolution was made. I highly recommend BSF and Matt Manske to any individual purchasing a funeral home business.
Sincerely, BUYER
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