Robert W. Manske - Funeral Home Loan Specialist

Robert W. Manske is a licensed attorney in the state of Kansas and may appear in Kansas trial courts, appellate courts and Federal District Courts. He received his undergraduate BBA degree, in 1967 from Washburn University and his law degree from Washburn Law School in 1970.
Mr. Manske’s law practice is general in nature. He has represented individuals, businesses and corporations in the following areas of expertise: commercial transactions, criminal defense, probate and civil matters, juvenile matters, oil and gas transactions, domestic relations and bankruptcy. He was the Woodson County, Kansas district attorney from 1971 to 1978. He served as the president of the Kansas County Attorney’s Association in 1976 and was later one of the founding members of the Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, serving as its secretary for 10 years. He is currently a member of the Johnson County Bar Association and the Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He currently serves as pro-tem judge in the District Court of Johnson County, Kansas on a regular basis. Robert’s son Matt is the founder of BSF. Robert has served as BSF’s general counsel since its inception.
Robert Manske has over 40-years experience working directly with clients on extremely confidential matters. His commitment and loyalty to clients are what has allowed him to successfully advance transactions tailored to the specific needs of each client. Mr. Manske believes that if a transaction is worth doing it should be done properly and efficiently to promote the objectives of the parties involved.